13 05, 2017

Kiwi Smoothie Recipe For A Healthy Smile


As the title suggests, we are about to prepare a green, taste-synchronized, health-oriented kiwi smoothie recipe abundant in Vitamin C. Our potent puree bears a variety of nutrients, nicely balanced to announce a happy day! All the ingredients have been carefully chosen to complement each other in taste, color and nutritional value. Mixing the colors is [...]

Kiwi Smoothie Recipe For A Healthy Smile2017-06-14T17:47:28+02:00
7 05, 2017

Tropical Smoothie Recipe For Energy


Today’s tropical smoothie recipe will provide for the most refreshing start of your day, making you energetic in the pursue of your daily routines. This blend of tropical flavors is quite adventurous in spirit. However, it is also a recipe that will rejuvenate your morning senses and boost your day before or after morning exercise. [...]

Tropical Smoothie Recipe For Energy2017-05-16T17:23:51+02:00