Millions of people are looking to burn stomach fat. In fact, it’s an epidemic. There are a lot of reasons why fat clings to your midsection—bad diet, stress, lack of general exercise, etc.

The reality though is that the body puts fat on your midsection as a result of its basic biomechanics. Remember that storing fat is actually a survival strategy to your body. It wants to hold it just in case it needs it!

So what can you do? One of the most effective ways to manage stomach fat is to proactively tackle it with smoothies. Here is a smoothie that will help you to burn away that fat—while you sleep!

Remember that smoothies are great tools because you get to decide what you put into them. This isn’t the smoothie you get at the smoothie bar though. There is a good chance there they put a few “extra” ingredients in to make it taste better and make you want more.

Making your own smoothie is a great tool to help you burn through that belly fat.

Here’s a recipe to test out:

• 1 Grapefruit
• Mint leaves
• 1 peeled lemon
• 1 cut-up apple
• Water

Wedge your grapefruit and put it into your container. Add the shredded mint leaves, a peeled lemon, a diced apple and then fill your container about ¾ full of water.

What you’ll love about this beverage first of all is its taste. The apples bring a sweetness to the more bitter lemon and grapefruit. Plus the mint gives it a freshness you just aren’t going to find in the local smoothie bar. You’ll enjoy drinking this because of how fresh and natural it is.

On top of that, each of the ingredients comes with its own health-supporting properties. Grapefruit has long been a staple on lists of healthiest foods. It can boost your metabolism, reduce stress and strengthen your immune system.

On top of that some research shows that it can help to reduce kidney stones and fight gum disease. Mint is a great because it promotes good digestion and can ease any inflammation you are suffering from.

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Lemon is also a good antioxidant and it helps to eliminate toxins within your body. Apples…well you’ve heard the saying “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. It turns out, they are on to something!

Apples are stocked with dietary fiber and antioxidants. They can reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and hypertension. Finally, water is a staple in any diet.

You need water to 1. live and 2. flush out impurities.

Adding it to this smoothie is going to be an added boost to your diet.

The purpose of drinking this smoothie before bed though is key to burning stomach fat. Did you ever go to bed on a full stomach? You may have felt bloated and uncomfortable.

Going to bed on a full stomach is the perfect way to pack on that stomach fat. To counteract that, eliminate the big meals.

This smoothie is perfect because it encourages your metabolism to keep working, even though you’re resting! It’s the ideal tool to use when you really want to tackle that stomach fat…even in your sleep!