22 05, 2017

Tasty And Easy To Make Apple Smoothie Recipe


This apple smoothie recipe was probably the result of my weird decision to have a regular morning. No experimenting, no in-depth research and analysis, no gastronomic arts or exotic ingredients. I want to enjoy the taste of a fine healthy mush to get the day started. […]

Tasty And Easy To Make Apple Smoothie Recipe2017-06-14T17:46:57+02:00
18 05, 2017

Immune-Boosting Banana Orange Smoothie


Every now and then I feel like I need a little unconventional routine to start my day. An immune-boosting banana orange smoothie seemed like the appropriate way to welcome the morning. So, if you share this feeling, please check out my eccentric combo or bookmark it for that special moment! This recipe is rich in taste and is [...]

Immune-Boosting Banana Orange Smoothie2017-06-14T17:47:54+02:00
13 05, 2017

Kiwi Smoothie Recipe For A Healthy Smile


As the title suggests, we are about to prepare a green, taste-synchronized, health-oriented kiwi smoothie recipe abundant in Vitamin C. Our potent puree bears a variety of nutrients, nicely balanced to announce a happy day! All the ingredients have been carefully chosen to complement each other in taste, color and nutritional value. Mixing the colors is [...]

Kiwi Smoothie Recipe For A Healthy Smile2017-06-14T17:47:28+02:00
12 05, 2017

7 Tasty Grape Smoothie Recipes and Health Benefits


Need a quick snack or breakfast to fuel up? Well, the grape smoothie can help. Grapes easily add a nice dose of vitamin C and some other much-wanted antioxidants that keep your cells healthy and help avoid chronic diseases along the way. […]

7 Tasty Grape Smoothie Recipes and Health Benefits2017-06-14T17:48:36+02:00
7 05, 2017

Tropical Smoothie Recipe For Energy


Today’s tropical smoothie recipe will provide for the most refreshing start of your day, making you energetic in the pursue of your daily routines. This blend of tropical flavors is quite adventurous in spirit. However, it is also a recipe that will rejuvenate your morning senses and boost your day before or after morning exercise. [...]

Tropical Smoothie Recipe For Energy2017-05-16T17:23:51+02:00
4 05, 2017

Choose Your Favorite Raspberry Smoothie Recipe To Start Your Day


Raspberry smoothie recipe is a guideline on how you can make raspberry smoothie. Raspberry smoothie is a dessert made with several ingredients, it is a refreshing and delighting creamy smoothie which you can prepare and serve as a breakfast drink or an after meal dessert. In this article, we will show you raspberry smoothie recipes. [...]

Choose Your Favorite Raspberry Smoothie Recipe To Start Your Day2018-01-19T13:36:27+02:00
26 04, 2017

Fat Burning Avocado Berry Smoothie


Avocado Berry Smoothie is one of the healthiest smoothie recipes you can find. It is filled with many nutrients and also it is calorie conscious. Spring time is already here and summer aka bikini time is just around the corner. If you are looking for a easy healthy way to maintain a balanced diet, maybe [...]

Fat Burning Avocado Berry Smoothie2017-06-14T17:50:08+02:00