Weight loss smoothies. Isn’t the idea to enjoy a good taste, a healthy meal and feel the weight loss benefits at the same time very attractive? Today we’ll share some interesting combinations to help you achieve this.

Weight loss smoothies are probably one of the most popular smoothie recipes out there, and this is for a solid reason. At least when it comes to sharing my opinion and advice with friends and family. I always recommend the most useful combination according to the goal.

There is a way, or a formula, if you will, that you can use in order to create a combination that’s just right for my desire. The short version is – first the desire, then the benefits. First follow your cravings or flavor desire. Then, make sure to choose ingredients most suitable for your current appetite, and health requirements likewise.

We hope you’ll find this principal useful in making the right combination, or at least in providing general direction how to go about it.

That being said, let’s check our choice of weight loss smoothies we prepared for you for today.

Weight Loss Smoothies: The recipes

Leafy green smoothie for weight loss


Our first choice is a green, leafy-based smoothie, full of benefits for the stomach and the bloodstream. Spinach, looking from nutritional point of view, is hard to say it’s not universally healthy. Its benefits encompass a stunning variety of nutrients. This ancient Persian veggie is a part of our everyday diet because many parts of our body benefit of the consumption.

Other than the attractive green color, our interest in spinach is due to its richness in certain nutrients that protect the colon from those pesky free radicals. Also, spinach is an active propagator of cardiovascular health, as well as a known blood pressure regulator.


The parsley, our second ingredient, is known mostly as a decoration, unfortunately. The nice color and recognizable scent are probably to blame for this. However, take a closer look and be amazed. 570% of the daily vitamin K requirements, 3 times the vitamin C amount compared to oranges, antioxidant rich manganese contents, anti-macular degeneration benefits and promoting gum health are just some to mention.

The most interesting benefit that enabled parsley into the mix is its fiber contents. Because of this, parsley is a friend of our digestive system. Also, it is very beneficial in relieving intestinal gas. It helps clear the blood and our body of many kinds of toxins, mercury for example.


Similar is the reason for including the banana in this weight loss smoothies pack. The banana is very useful in relieving morning sickness and upset stomach in general. The huge amounts of fiber in the banana keep the digestive system under control, and the magnesium helps grow stronger bones and promote heart health as well.


Losing in popularity in the US only to banana, the pineapple – our next ingredient – brings strong anti-flu, anti-cough and anti-cold properties in the mix. It also promotes eye-health, the immune system and regulates the heart rate. Pineapple also adds that always welcome sweet-fresh scent. Enjoy! 🙂

  • A handful of Spinach
  • Half a bunch of Parsley
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup Pineapple
  • A cup of Water

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Fruity smoothie for weight loss

As the name itself suggests, our second choice for today bears fruit-dominated flavor, and it doesn’t lack the weight loss benefits we need. So, let’s get into it! 🙂

Banana, Pineapple

This recipe, again, starts with a banana and pineapple. We already mentioned these fruits’ main benefits of our interest, so we’ll just go to the next ones. This just goes to show their popularity and effectiveness for the purpose of healthy weight management.

Mix one banana with one cup of chopped pineapple, mix it nicely and add a cup of green tea. Green tea adds a myriad of healthy nutrients and benefits, from improving brain function, empowering the antioxidant environment to reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. However, to us the most important of all is the weigh-loss effect. And, being the fat burner that it is, green tea is an amazing option for weight loss smoothies. Green tea catalyzes the metabolism process, promoting weight loss and general well being.


Next on the list – grapefruit, adding some refreshing scent and a mouthful of flavor. Rich in vitamins such as A and C, grapefruit is really effective in the fight against infections and inflammations. Rich in fiber, easing the colon’s job of transferring the waste.

Coconut milk

Finishing ingredient for this recipe is again, fiber rich. Coconut milk also contains fatty acids, which, contrary to initial thought, lower the cholesterol levels and provide protection from stroke and heart attack. Also, it will add to the overall sweetness and flavor of the smoothie. Enjoy! 🙂

  • 1 Banana
  • 1 cup Pineapple
  • A cup of Green tea
  • 1 Grapefruit
  • Coconut Milk

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Super Smoothie for Weight Loss

The last of the weight loss smoothies for today – the Super smoothie! 🙂 A unique mix of flavors and health benefits packed in a cup!


We’ll start again with a grapefruit. We already pointed the wanted benefits, so let’s skip to the next one.

Greek Yoghurt

Yoghurt, due to its production process, beats every other dairy product in context of protein and calcium contents. But, it also supports weight loss by acting as an effective fat and calorie burner. While there is still a lot of research ahead on the exact mechanism the yoghurt uses to assist weight loss, it is one of the most effective and popular weight loss ingredients in everyday diet.

Chia Seeds

Practically unknown to the Americans until recently, chia seeds are packed with health-promoting nutrients. Chia became extremely popular after revealing their true potential in the prevention of heart disease and stroke. Loose translation of the name, in some of the ancient civilization’s language, is strength, only adding to the reason why people back then used them as a performance booster. Also, chia will most likely make you feel full, lowering the wish to eat more, thus working towards the goal of losing weight.


The last ingredient for today – the always healthy and very beneficial berries. For this recipe, use mix of any kind of berries you have, depending on taste. Because whatever your choice, you will be definitely ingesting a blood pressure regulating and heart health promoting nutrients. More importantly, it’s a common fact that berries are an amazing source of fiber, allowing for a healthy digestive tract and assisting the weight loss process along the way.

Add a cup of water, mush it all together and enjoy this super weight-loss friendly flavor. Enjoy! 🙂

  • 1 Grapefruit
  • 1/2 Greek Yogurt
  • 2 tbsp Chia Seed
  • 1 cup Berries
  • 1 cup Water

Please let us know if you liked today’s recipes and share your thoughts in the comments’ section below! 🙂

Weight Loss Smoothies