The human body, like any very effective and functional machine or piece of equipment, is bound to have a little fault and bugs in it from time to time and instead of panicking, the best and only logical thing to do at such points in time is to find a way to fix where the “error” is coming from.

One of such “errors” that might occur in the human body is an infection to the urinary tract and if you have been there once, you would know that it is not a nice experience to deal with and pass through at all.

Going to different physicians and consuming a barrage of drugs might be what does it for you but have you ever considered going natural and solving this kind of problem holistically? If your answer to this is yes, which is as it should be, then you are lucky because there is just a natural remedy for that and asides being a quick fix that you can whip up for yourself at home, it is something that we all love – smoothies.

Getting rid of the bad taste of medicine and the money that you would have to spend in going over and over again to a physician or the pharmacist, this mixture does not only guarantee you the good taste (which we have to tell you, is divine) but gives you a very potent score on results. Getting down to business, you would need to have in your kitchen space ingredients such as some cranberries, blueberries, oranges, pineapple, some parsley and a glass of clean water, after which we are all set and ready to go.

First things first, wash your fruits and get a measuring cup or any cup of your choice at all and as well, get your blender ready too. Mix the cranberries and blueberries in equal proportions and make sure that they fill the cup measurement that you have chosen.

Pour the mixture into the blender and slick some of the oranges you have into it also. For clarity purposes, make sure that the oranges you are using have been peeled because you don’t need the first skin for anything here.

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Moving on, slice some of that tasty pineapple into the blender and add a quarter cup of parsley to the mixture. On doing all of this, the only thing left is water which you can add as suits you to help the ingredient properly blend together and determine the thickness of your smoothie likewise. Cover up the blender once you are sure you have all of the listed ingredient and blend tile you have desired result.

Pour yourself as many glasses of this sweetness and treat your taste buds to some goodness why your urinary tract infection clears up itself. Good bargain and win-win on both sides.