First things first, who doesn’t like smoothies? I know I have no special powers and that I am humanly limited when it comes to seeing the people at the other end of this post but I am very sure that there would be no one with their hands raised up and if there were, then I’m sorry to be the one to break the bad news but you are missing out on a lot of things.

Smoothies are everything you are looking for in a glass cup (or any other kind of container that you might wish to serve yours in) and they stay one of the greatest kinds of drinks that you can have.

They are nutritional, healthy and best of all, easy to make at home by yourself. If you are part of the smoothie loving gang and you have been taking smoothies for a while now, I have some better new for you – you can actually get more out of your smoothie than just the good taste and refreshment it offers you.

Have you been having trouble sleeping or staying awake for longer hours than you’d like? I get that we are busy people and that 24 hours a day seems like a small time now compared to the amount of hours that we need to get things done but over time, staying awake for long hours can take its toll on your body and mess with your sleep cycle, making it hard to fall asleep as at when due and keeping you sluggish and groggy the next day. That is where the smoothie medicine comes in.

Yeah, you read that right – smoothie comes to the rescue here.

In what can be termed one of the simplest home remedies ever, you don’t need to go out to a convenience store to get this on but you could need to go out to get the ingredients though and make as much as you want for yourself, depending on how much you need it. For the magic recipe, all you would need is some kiwi, banana, baby spinach, almonds, some flaxseed, yoghurt and as well, water.

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Wash the kiwi, baby spinach and almonds and in no particular order, place them into your blender. Add some flaxseed too (about a spoonful of it) and yoghurt for taste. Before you cover up the entire mixture, add yoghurt in desired amount to add improved taste to your result and some water for proper mixing.

Place it on a blender and in a matter of time, you would notice that the entire setup has been turned into a lightly thick juice mixture, signaling the birth of your smoothie. You can leave to bend for as long as you like to eliminate all particles and make everything fine but hey, that just depends on you.

In not more than ten minutes, you have succeeded in making for yourself not just one of the best kinds of smoothies that you can ever have but also, one that would greatly improve your sleep patterns. Don’t you just love smoothies?