You know whenever we are here, we are always talking about one thing that brings us all together and makes the bond between us so tight, and those are smoothies. While we have already found out in the past that smoothies can do a lot of good in the body, it is interesting to note that we have not even found out everything and we have some more to talk about.

From the days of basic biology, everyone has been able to learn either one thing or the other about hormones and how they are responsible for the regulation of some of the operations, so to speak, that go on in the body.

While some of these hormones are non-exclusive and are found on both sexes, there are some others that are peculiar to each sex and as with anything that deals with production, there can be either too much of hormones or too little of it in the bloodstream at certain points in time.

While it is not possible to reach in there and turn a lever that would automatically put the production rate of these hormones in check, nature has provided us a means to regulate the hormones that are playing around in our bloodstream and today, we bring to you how smoothies can do just that.

To create this simple recipe just like the others that we have been creating, the ingredients you would need are not things that you would need to fly out of your country to get so be rest assured that you would be making these for as long as you like and in as much quantity as you’d like to consume because frankly, it is never too much. Back to the matter at hand, get yourself ready with some bananas, raspberries, lime juice/ lime, maca powder, chia seeds, cinnamon and of course, water like we like to end with.

After getting all of these and preparing them for use, you are halfway ready to getting your very own hormone balancing smoothie.

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Into your blender, add half a cup of frozen raspberries and follow that up with some sliced banana. To the party in the blender, add half a cup of freshly squeezed lime juice and one teaspoon of maca powder also. To the existing mixture, add a further one teaspoon of chia seeds and a pinch of cinnamon ending that with a glass of fresh and clean water before you place the blender for operation.

Blend the mixture as far as you’d like till you get the degree of fineness that you are comfortable with and from there, pour yourself a tall glass of the resulting wine-color mixture, sit back and enjoy your smoothie while your body regulates your hormones for you. Does it get better than this?