If you want to make your habits of drinking smoothies healthier, stop doing the following smoothie mistakes.

• 1st mistake – your smoothies lack fiber

Fiber is an essential ingredient in your weight loss process. This ingredient makes you feel full and prevents hunger, so you eat less after consuming it. Fruits contain fiber, but not all fruits are rich in fiber.

For instance, bananas are one of the most popular ingredients for a smoothie, but 1 banana only contains 2.8 grams of fiber. On the other side, your smoothie must contain at least 10 grams. Ingredients that are rich in fiber are chia seeds, berries, flax meal, kale, beans, avocado, pear, kiwi and some plant-based protein powder. Kale, for example, contains two times more fiber than spinach.

• 2nd mistake – your smoothie lacks protein

Even though you add enough green to your smoothie, it still may not contain enough protein to provide you with enough energy for the entire day. Your smoothie must contain at least 10 grams of protein in order for you to have enough energy and stay away from the snacks loaded with calories. Choose soy milk or milk instead of almond milk, which is low on protein, Greek yogurt rather than regular yogurt, nut butter, cottage cheese, nuts, protein powder, beans and soft beans.

• 3rd mistake – too many fruits

It is far more beneficial and healthier to consume a smoothie loaded with different kinds of fruits, rather than a doughnut. However, fruits contain calories besides nutrients and fiber. Therefore, if you are making a smoothie with 5 different fruits, you may be making a smoothie with 500 calories in it. Fruits also contain sugar, which is processed fast by the body, so you may feel hungry after an hour of drinking your smoothie. To avoid this, always mix your fruits with an ingredient rich in protein, such as nut butter, milk, nuts, soy milk, beans, yogurt, soft tofu or protein powder.

• 4th mistake – using extra sweeteners

Don’t add maple syrup or honey to your smoothie if you are already using sweet fruit, as these ingredients add 60 more calories. Other sources of added sweeteners may be fruits canned with syrup, flavored yogurt, sweetened milk and fruit juice. Always choose unsweetened almond and soy milk and plain yogurt. Eventually, you will start to love the taste of these ingredients.