It took me a while before I gave smoothies a chance, but ever since I made my first smoothie I have never looked back.

From then on, smoothie for me became much more than a healthy snack it meant taking up on a healthier lifestyle.

Soon I started to experiment with different flavors and ingredients trying to complement not only the flavor but also the health benefits. So here are a few guidelines that I swear by:

Start Small 

Start with fruit and or vegetable that you like eating and that you enjoy it’s taste. One might say that a certain fruit/vegetable is an acquired taste but as long as I can remember I hate beetroot so I don’t force myself to eat it.

Of course you can camouflage the taste by using flavorful ingredients and spices but if you are anything like me, you will always taste it in your smoothie.

So try whatever suits you. That is the easiest way to get a habit of consuming smoothies and when it becomes a part of your daily routine, you will get results pretty soon and you will definitely notice the changes.

All of a sudden your hair will start looking shinier, your stomach won’t be as bloated as usual and somehow you will be packed with energy.

Don’t Over Do It

A pear or an apple should never get old, they are a mini pharmacy, so don’t underestimate them and their healing power. You don’t always need papaya or passion fruit. It is possible to be healthy and take care of your budget too.

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Get It While It’s Hot

Drink your smoothie when it’s freshly made. Please don’t let it stay overnight it’s not a stew.

Vitamins and nutrients lose their worth quickly. There is a whole science behind preparing and properly consuming smoothies.

What’s Trending

Look for fresh organic fruit /vegetable and use only seasonal ingredients that you know are fresh and recently reaped.

Remember your smoothie is as good as the ingredients you put in it. Sadly, you can’t buy great strawberries in November, so avoid buying them or use frozen strawberries instead.

Mix It Up

Smoothie doesn’t always need to be based on plain water, try green tea or coconut water. The choice is up to you. Spices and seasoning are important too.

A pinch of pepper, a little mint or basil, a sprinkle of cocoa powder makes a huge difference in the taste department. This is what separates a smoothie from ok to exquisite and on the plus side spices have healing effects too.

Last But Not Least

Have fun. It’s a cliché but it’s true. As long as making and drinking smoothies doesn’t feel like a chore you won’t even notice how your life is changing for the better.